Monday, 2 July 2012

I, Human

"És az akarok lenni, aki akkor voltam, 
Mikor az akartam lenni, ami most vagyok."
/ And I wish I were who I used to be,
when I wanted to be who I am now.
-- Rapülők - Nem adom fel / I don't give up

Perspective is everything
by Rory Sutherland

The profound truth of this otherwise simple statement is quite striking to me. Why do we always forget this? It is so apparent and so obvious in many situations and it even helps you feel better and optimistic about your own life. Yet, we always want something else we have at the moment.

Still on perspective, also in a slightly different meaning: Esref Armagan, the blind painter

This interesting experiment suggests that our ability to understand perspective in the geometrical sense is somehow hard-wired in our brain and it does not need having ever seen anything at all. Although, the question remained unanswered (not even raised), whether Mr Armagan could be simply taught to use perspective or he himself discovered it?! I cannot see why somebody in the past could not have just told him, that the far ends of any objects' parallel edges are seemingly converging. You don't need to understand this, just remember it, as any 3D drawing computer program can do that. Nevertheless, I have to admit, I won't ever paint like Mr Armagan, with or without perspective. I just try to be objective.


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